Industrial Rope Access

EEI’s team of certified industrial rope access technicians is an integral part of our ability to offer unique, cost effective solutions to complex industrial problems.

worker rappelling down building facade

Industrial Rope Access provides efficient, safe, and quick access to areas that would traditionally require costly scaffolding. Industrial Rope Access requires minimal set-up time and a fraction of the equipment and hardware that a scaffold company would utilize. Rope access technicians can quickly get into position to inspect, service, repair, and return the facility to production at a substantially lower cost.

Globally, the safety record of Industrial Rope Access is second to none. This success is the result of a systematic approach to managing all rope access operations. This process includes:

  • On site safety protocols involving redundant rope systems, certified Level III supervisory oversight and full compliance with company and site Safety Policy & Procedure Manual.
  • On site safety and environment managers who oversee the safety of field operations and ensure compliance with all applicable safety regulations.
  • Technician qualification and certification through IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) or SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians).

Easton Engineering & Inspection is proud to team up with Access Solutions to provide premium industrial rope access service.

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